Q9 Quartermile


Location: Edinburgh

Client: Sir Robert McAlpine

Value: £4.0 million

Duration: 54 weeks


Following a successful delivery on the last four previous phases of this Quartermile development in the heart of Edinburgh, Cidon Construction were awarded by repeat client, Sir Robert McAlpine the contract for the fifth phase to carry out the sub-structure and super-structure concrete works to this 10 floor office development.The project comprises of basement parking facilities, ground floor concrete slab and two, 40m stair Core and lift shafts. The structural design comprises of a steel frame with concrete flooring constructed on hollow metal rib decking and is built on high tension concrete piles surrounded by a King Post wall retention system.

7500m3 of subsoil was removed to facilitate construction of the underground car park. A unique and complex drainage system was constructed due to a rock sub-strata which permeates very little soak away features. Our client requested a complete and warrantied Cetco waterproofing construction system of the negative levels.

Quartermile is a cosmopolitan mix of luxury apartments, vibrant cafes and thriving businesses, situated in an unrivalled location within the city’s world heritage site.


  • Complex drainage system
  • High Tension Piling
  • Basement car park construction
  • Warrantied waterproofing on negative levels
  • King Post wall retention system
  • Over 7500m3 much removed from site
  • 40m core lift and stair shafts
  • Concrete flooring on hollow rib decking