Ethane Import Tank


Location: Middlesborough

Client: Balfour Beatty

Value: £4.5 million

Duration: 52 weeks


This 77,000 cubic meter full containment Ethane tank is an upgrade to the existing Sabic's Wilton plant, which is a key facility for the UK chemical industry.

Ethane, a by-product of Fracking, is imported from the USA to Port Clarence. This product is initially pumped and retained in the 65m diameter concrete tank. The facility will be a major factor to prepare the way for the UK to become self-sufficient in generating its own reliable supply of raw materials for the sector. The existing 223-acre Olefins 6 plant was built in 1979. It makes the essential chemical building blocks for everyday items from toothbrushes to TV and car parts, but sales have been hit by cheaper foreign manufacturers.

Cidon were appointed by Balfour Beatty to construct the 77,000 cubic metre full containment Ethane tank. The tank comprises of a 67.5 metre diameter and 1 metre thick base. It has 34-metre-high circular tapered, post-tensioned walls topped with a 3-metre-deep ring beam section. The structure was finished with a 500 mm thick domed concrete roof, constructed over an air risen support structure.


  • The tank is the largest of its kind in Europe
  • 77,000 cubic meter full containment Ethane tank
  • 34 metre High Circular tapered post-tensioned walls
  • 500mm thick domed concrete roof constructed over an air risen support structure
  • 52m concrete pump required for walls