Cidon and Seetec Change Perceptions on Employing Ex-Offenders

Nov 15, 2020

Whilst half of employers say they wouldn’t hire someone who’d been in prison, Cidon are committed to providing sustainable employment and training for ex-offenders and others who have an ambition for a career in the construction industry.

We work closely with our partnering organisations; Scottish Prison Service; Seetec, Remade with Hope and Tempus Novo, we seek to provide purposeful training through prison workshops, including CSCS and preparing the offenders psychologically, and other skills ready to be placed in to sustainable employment upon release. Since 2018 when the programme started, we have seen 15 candidates placed in to employment with Cidon. As new projects commence, we are continuously working closely with the prisons to continue this programme. Candidates released to site are placed within an area which best suits them personally, e.g. joinery, steel fixing, storeman, labouring, concreting, plant operating etc. All candidates are paid above National Minimum Wage when on ROTL (day release from prison). Once released they are all offered a permanent position with the company. They are continuously supported by Seetec and Tempus Novo on release to ensure all personal needs are accounted for, e.g. Housing, travel and transport, and financial support.


We strive to break the cycle of crime and punishment, providing employment and the appropriate intervention and support upon release.


Take a look at this article where Cidon Director Steve Simpson offers insight into our positive experience of working with Seetec Justice to rehabilitate ex-offenders.





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