Edinburgh Park: 1 New Park Square


Location: Edinburgh

Client: Sir Robert McAlpine

Value: £5.5 million

Duration: 46 weeks


Cidon were appointed by Sir Robert McAlpine for the concrete works, encompassing the delivery of the reinforced concrete substructure and substructure package at Edinburgh Park for Sir Robert McAlpine; a major business development to the west of Edinburgh city centre.

The site with 43 acres of undeveloped land, to the south of the existing Edinburgh Park, with this first phase underway at 1 New Park Square. This development of 1 million square feet of high-quality office space a new public square, and leisure facilities including football pitches, tennis courts, shops, bars, restaurants, a health centre and extensive landscaping. There is also to be a performance arts space as part of the masterplan.
1 New Park Square office development was set to comprise of a 5-storey frame, with 2,500m3 area per floor. The soffits, walls and columns were all exposed concrete, with the soffit having a uniform feature plywood sheet layout detail. The building was designed to operate carbon and emission free, with the footprint extending to 85,000 square feet


  • Groundworks and Pile Caps including Drainage
  • Redesign of Waterproofing strategy to Admixture to rationalise design interfaces
  • Utilisation of Modular Reinforcement to Superstructure to support quality and programme requirements
  • Off site Pre-Fabrication of Formwork to support quality and programme requirements
  • Exposed Vertical faces and soffits throughout
  • Feature Exposed concrete staircase
  • Exposed Cols throughout Structure