The Spine, Paddington Village


Location: Liverpool

Client: Morgan Sindall

Value: £6.4 million

Duration: 46 weeks


Awarded by repeat client Morgan Sindall, Cidon were appointed the concrete works to this 14-storey building, on a 160,000 sq. ft footprint in the Knowledge Quarter of Paddington Village, Liverpool.

Named after the striking staircase that runs up the north elevation of the building, The Spine became the new Northern Home for the regional team of Physicians at the Royal College.

As a continuation of the body narrative, the double height primary structure represents the skeleton with bespoke exposed concrete columns, moulded to reflect the trabecular system within human bones.

The distinctive façade takes influence from the human skin, with the striking Voronoi pattern including 23 million individual polygons applied to the glazing of the building.

The façade acts as a biophilic design feature, with light entering through the façade generating unique shadow patterns on the inside, helping to reinforce an ever changing environment, aiding productivity and stimulating the mind.


  • High Quality Concrete – Special bespoke textured columns
  • 15 storey (64m high)
  • 1350m m2 site footprint
  • Overall space (160,000 ft2)