Cidon Construction is a specialist reinforced concrete contractor with over 20 years' experience in the delivery of complex concrete structures,

Our key areas of expertise include the design and construction of RC sub and superstructure frames. We have a strong reputation for delivery with sectors such as High Rise Concrete Frames, Energy from Waste, Heavy Civils and Highway Structures.

We also have extensive experience in delivering a full range of concrete finishes from basic, as struck, to architectural patterned concrete.



King post walls are a quick, cost effective system of building temporary or permanent earth retaining walls. They are formed using steel beams and either precast concrete or in-situ panels.

The post holes are bored in the ground using a continuous flight auger (CFA) piling rig, positioned at pre-determined centres. The holes are subsequently filled with concrete, and the H beam is installed. This allows concrete panels to be inserted between the webs of the H sections, when excavation commences.


  • Simple, fast and versatile solution
  • Cheaper alternative to sheet piling
  • Virtually silent and vibrationless
  • Speed of installation
  • Ready for immediate follow-on construction


Hybrid concrete construction is a method of construction which integrates precast concrete and cast in-situ concrete to make best advantage of their different inherent qualities. The accuracy, speed and high-quality finish of precast components can be combined with the economy and flexibility of cast in-situ concrete.

This technique produces buildable and more importantly competitive structures, therefore the client receiving the overall benefits of safe and faster construction with a consistent performance.

Cidon Construction have many established partnerships with various precast suppliers and have undertaken a number of hybrid schemes on a full design and build basis over the years.



We carry professional indemnity insurance of £5million and can offer a full structural design and build package, or alternatively a detailed design (e.g. reinforcement with precast elements) service in conjunction with the main construction package.


Kelham Island, Sheffield


Cidon have extensive experience and successfully completed a variety of large scale civil engineering silo and bunker slipform applications and high rise building cores.


Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant


Cidon are able to offer the design and installation of lightweight steel framing systems, providing fast track building solutions for commercial and domestic contracts on our concrete frame projects throughout the United Kingdom.

What are the benefits of Cidon undertaking the SFS works on your project?

  • We can ensure the SFS starts at the earliest opportunity on the RC Frame
  • The SFS programme will be driven by Cidon giving overall duration betterment
  • Reduced number of individual sub-contractors on site, thus less interfaces and management input from our clients
  • Any tolerance issues with the concrete frame which may affect the SFS will be absorbed by one party
  • Reduced Preliminary costs for the SFS works
  • Cidon as the SFS Contractor can remove the Edge Protection System whilst installing the external board , thus a reduction on the demand for Mast-Climber time and therefore less sub-contract interfaces
  • As-built concrete information (for confirming exact stud sizes) will be more readily available and better communicated, thus reducing potential delays or additional waste on site



Academy Street



We understand careful planning is the key to successful project delivery.  We offer a pre-construction service to give the project a head start, and ensure our team apply their own specialist knowledge and experience, reassuring our clients from the outset that we are dedicated to deliver. Our Pre-Construction services include the following:

  • Specialist technical expertise implemented
  • Risk mitigation advice
  • Finding the most cost-effective solution
  • Buildability
  • Crane Strategies

Each of these key areas are integral to the success of each project, along with our proven ability to achieve the programme in a safe manner.

Our niche expertise, reputation for delivery and strong balance sheet are key attributes to our success.


We are committed to inspiring our people to grow, and encouraging them with training and development to become the best they can be. We strive to keep them safe and offer a great place to work, whilst ensuring all staff are mindful of their important role in the business. In order to grow and develop in this fast-paced industry, we recognise the need to attract and retain high calibre, motivated trainees and graduates.

Some of our strongest and most ambitious team members initially started with Cidon in this capacity. As such, Cidon have partnered with specialist training providers, to deliver accredited training in Civil Engineering, Surveying and Administration.

Some avenues for recruitment include working with local education providers to offer higher apprenticeships, engagning with former professional rugby players who have needed to take an early retirement, and others who are hungry to succeed in a career in the construction industry.  We also have a passion to work with Ex-Offenders and integrate them in to society on release.  We offer an avneue to support and train them back in to work, and offering a bright future on release.  Click here to find out more.